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MAG's mission is to leverage our strategic expertise, and creative storytelling to empower brands.


By adopting a holistic three-tier strategy – focusing on brand identity, strategy, and media – we are committed to uncovering and articulating each brand's unique value proposition.


Our approach combines professionalism, creativity, commitment, innovation, and excellence to ensure that every brand we touch communicates its true essence, forming a meaningful and lasting connection with its audience.


We stay adaptable and ahead of the curve through continuous learning and employing technologies, ensuring our strategies are as dynamic and resilient as the sectors we serve.


Through strategic alliances, community involvement, and a deep commitment to social responsibility, MAG aims to create a legacy of impactful, reliable, and adventure-enabling branding and media solutions that resonate profoundly with the hearts and minds of our clients and their customers.


MAG operates at the intersection of creativity and precision. We speak the language of your industry, establishing trust through shared knowledge.

At MAG, we're not just creating content; we're creating experiences that shift perspectives, ignite passion, and drive action.


Partner with us, and let's create something unforgettable together.



Our team is a powerhouse of creativity and strategy - comprising of creative directors, camera operators, lightings, colorists, sound designers, and graphic designers, all dedicated to bringing your story to life. From brand videos and commercials, to social media content, we have you covered.

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Founder & Creative Director

Ryan Snyder, the founder of MAG, identified a crucial need within the weapons, defense, law enforcement, and outdoor sectors. He recognized the disparity between a brand's self-perception and market perception and sought to bridge this gap. Leveraging his extensive background in storytelling through filmmaking and photography, Ryan has excelled in enabling brands to forge a profound connection with their end users. His firm belief in the transformative power of storytelling and innovation drives MAG's approach to deeply engage with audiences. As a forward-thinker, Ryan is committed to making a lasting impact on companies serving and defending our nation. His goal is to empower high-end military and defense suppliers to effectively reach and equip their communities, ensuring mission success with reliable and innovative solutions.

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Executive Public Relations + Communications Specialist

Megan Holly is as a Public Relations and Communications Specialist, renowned for her strategic planning, project management, and brand development acumen. With over 15 years dedicated to the SHOT industry, Megan has collaborated with prominent companies like GLOCK, Applied Ballistics, Crye Precision, and Princeton Tec. Her expertise isn't confined to firearms alone; it extends across diverse sectors such as fitness, fashion, and food. Megan creates engaging, cost-effective brand narratives that elevate immediate and long-term market awareness. Her holistic approach, encompassing branding, event management, public relations, and social media, has consistently delivered impactful results.

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Strategic Brand Advisor

Tom Kerr, is a retired Special Forces Green Beret and entrepreneur. With a 20-year military career, Tom navigated defense procurement cycles, orchestrating critical technology development. In the advisory space, Tom's expertise spans defense consulting, intelligence, and brand development. As an advisor to Media Application Group (MAG), Tom connects with influencers, excelling in content creation and brand identification. Tom possesses an understanding of both the tactical and security sectors, ensuring tailored and effective strategies.

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